Capability Architect Video Library

Introduction to Model-Based Systems Engineering and Capability Architect​

A brief overview of systems engineering and MBSE and how Capability Architect supports the methodology. (23 mins)

Opening a Capability Architect Database

How to open either an SQL Server hosted database or a Microsoft Access file-based database. (5 mins)

Basic actions in Capability Architect​

How to add and remove nodes; create relationships; and view diagrams. (13:30 mins)

Defining functional and physical interfaces

How to illustrate and specify interfaces in the functional and physical domains. (10:30 mins)

Generating the built-in reports

How to setup reports in Capability Architect and produce Microsoft Word documents. (19 mins)

Building an ad-hoc report

How to quickly create reports on-the-fly and output them to Microsoft Word. (11 mins)

Editing the Schema

How to tailor the schema to support your project’s particular modelling needs. (14:20 mins)

Adding User-Defined Scripts

How to incorporate your own scripts to produce tailored reports. (11:45 mins)

Setting up SQL Server

How to create a Capability Architect database on SQL Server and setup logins for approved users (8 mins)

Exporting the model to a SysML tool

How to  export a CA model as an XMI file for import into a SysML tool (11 mins)